CFB Borden (Mons, Amiens, Vimy and Langemark Ranges)

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To get there take highway 400 North to exit 75.  Exit 75 is for Cookstown/Alliston/Simcoe Road 89.  Turn left and go west on 89 to Alliston where the road will come to an end at a 'T' junction. At this point there will be a Dairy Queen at the far left corner. Turn right (north) the road will take you right into CFB Borden. At the entrance there is a stoplight and guardhouse. Most of the time you'll need to show identification to the guard. Follow along the same road (winds a bit) then turn left just before the fire station. Here you will go past the Range Control building on your right and through a barrier (you might stop if the barrier is down). After that just putt along the range road (seems like forever at 50kph) until you get to Mons range on the right hand side. Watch your speed on the range road as the MP's are very active and they can give you a “real” speeding ticket.

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