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F-Class shooting is a Canadian invention.

Take any caliber or centre file rifle (from 223 on up subject to range restrictions) put it on a rest or bipod, lay down behind it and shoot targets that range from 300 to 1,000 yards away. 308 calibre, 6.5mm and 7mm rifles are very popular in F class.

The origin of F class was that a Canadian TR shooter (see TR page), Mr Farquarson, wanted to carry on shooting so he added a rest and a scope and called it ‘F’ class.

F-Class shoots are ‘deliberate’ which means that each individual shot is scored and displayed to the shooter before the next shot, allowing you to adjust your sights for a ‘perfect’ shot. The targets used are the bulls-eye format, so they are very easy to see and aim at. The important thing about F-Class is that almost any scoped bolt action rifle, of pretty much any caliber, can be used.

To make competitions fair, there are 3 recognized subdivisions of F Class, based
upon the rifle used. Open Class, Restricted Class and Factory Class. All F Classes shoot the same course of fire, alongside each other.

Open F-Class
This is the class with the least restriction for rifles of any caliber up to 8mm depending on range restrictions. It must not weigh more than 10kg (about 22-lb) including all attachments. Any safe, mechanically operated trigger can be used provided a safe level of sear engagement is retained.

Restricted F-Class
Exactly as for Open F Class except that only .308in/7.62mm or .223in/5.56mm caliber can be used. The overall weight of the rifle, with all attachments, must not exceed 8.25 kg including an attached bipod or 7.5kg if the bipod is not fixed on.

Factory F-Class
This class is restricted to mass-produced rifles of any calibre (like Open Class) that can be purchased readily at many gun shops and that have not been customized to improve ballistic performance. Factory Class is for people shooting ‘out-of-the-box’ rifles; Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Savage, Tikka, Browning, Sako or similar, using the original manufacturers parts. Some ‘adjustments’ are permitted, but not the replacement of parts.

The rules governing F(M) qualified rifles have been devised to create a low cost class for competitors and in the recognition that the majority of mass-produced rifles are not capable of accuracy equal to the sophisticated Open Class rifles. The rifle must be ‘as manufactured’ and available in quantity, as described in the manufacturers catalogue (i.e. mass produced). This excludes specialist TR guns or Bench Rest actions, wildcat calibres and custom built guns. There is no restriction on the type of rifle that can be used; bolt action, falling block, lever action or semi-automatic rifles are acceptable.

These rules are interpreted to mean that a Factory Class rifle:

  • Must have the original manufacturers barrel.
  • Must have the original trigger (which can be adjusted or tuned).
  • Must have the original stock (which can be reshaped).
  • Must have the original chamber (no re-working or improving).
  • Can be any calibre (subject to range rules).
  • Can be bedded and floated in the original stock.
  • The barrel can be re-crowned.
  • Can have any type of sight system.
  • As in F(O) class, any type of front and rear rests may be used.
  • Factory or hand loaded ammunition may be used
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