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Precision Rifle (PR) is a long-range shooting discipline and is a combination of Matches in 100 yard intervals from 200 all the way to 900 yards. During a shooting day there are usually 4 matches of 10 shots each. Which matches happen during a day’s shooting tends to change. 

PR is shot in pairs; one competitor shoots while the other spots, and then the roles are switched. Communication between shooter and spotter is a key component for success. Shooting is done in a prone position at paper targets. Competitors will be helping with targets when their relay is not shooting. Centrefire rifles with optics are used in this long-range shooting discipline.  

PR is a part of the National Service Conditions Championships, held by the DCRA (Dominion of Canada Rifle Association).

The course of fire (CoF), Match Descriptions, and rules that we use are laid out in the National Service Conditions Championships Rulebook. Click the link and read the Sections 6.01 to 6.58 relating to PR. You should read this before participating in any events.

If you would like to participate contact to sign up for a match or practice. If you don’t have a partner don’t worry; there are usually other singles you can be paired with. Please see the kit section for strongly recommended gear to bring.

Equipment Needed

  • A centerfire rifle (308WIN or 6.5 Creedmoor are great starting calibers), a bipod, rear bag rest and a shooting mat are all that is needed to get started.
  • A magazine fed rifle is strongly advised as each match is usually 10 shots plus sighting shots, with very little time for loading in between.
  • Match ammunition is generally recommended as non-match ammo will greatly diminish success at ranges past 300 yards.
  • A spotting scope is a plus, and one can be provided.
  • Your rifle must be zeroed to 100 yards and a scope with quick dial turrets is strongly advised.
  • A shooting app on your phone or a ballistic calculator is also advised to help with elevation comeups as you change distance.


The PR section conducts its matches on Mons Range at CFB Borden just southwest of Barrie. Mons is a 1000 Yard range.


Matches are 35$ for ORA members (additional insurance fee is required for non-members)


The PR section runs 5 to 6 matches a year with several walk back days for gathering D.O.P.E (Data Of Prior Engagements) for coming matches, as well as clinic/practice days for those attending the annual National Service Conditions Championships (NSCC).  Match days are usually held on the third Sunday of the month starting in May.

The NSCC championship for PR is always held on the last Sunday of the August and is a two-day event finishing on the Monday. The DCRA conducts the NSCC at CFB Connaught outside Ottawa.  The ORA Provincial championship is always held during the September match a few weeks later.

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