The ORA Precision Rifle matches are open to all high power rifle shooters in accordance with Precision Rifle Discipline rules and regulations.

The Precision Rifle Discipline is shot from the prone position.  Bolt action, semi-autos and any caliber from.223 Rem. and up is allowed.

The 2013 NSCC rules will be used to govern the competitions for the ORA Precision Rifle matches.  It is recommended that you review these rules available on the DCRA website prior to your participation in this discipline.

Match Entry Fees: $30-$75 (based on match type)
Non-ORA members add an additional $35 to the match fee.

Registration: 07:30 – 08:00

Registration starts at 07:30 sharp and closes at 08:00. You must be down range and ready to go at 08:30.

You must have proper paperwork such as Membership Card, PAL, ATT (ATT when shooting restricted rifles) to participate in the event. If the shooter fails to produce appropriate paperwork or forgets it at home, no matter how far you traveled to get to the match, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO SHOOT.

At registration the competitor will be divided into A, B, C, and D designations. A & B shoot as a team and C & D shoot as a team. This is basically a team event (shooter and spotter) but there are always single shooters that you can team up with if on your own. Whichever team is shooting the other team is in the butts working targets.

General Course of fire for Matches or Practice:

200 Yard Rapid Follow Up
This match consists of 10 shots on score at two fig 14 targets (only 5 shots on each target) superimposed on a hand held. There will be 5 exposures of 8 seconds in a row and at random locations. At each exposure you will fire one shot at each fig 14 targets (or more if capable). There is a minimum of 10 sec. between each exposure.
Target is scored V, 5, 4. Hps. 50.10v

300 Yard Agony Snap
This match consists of 2 sighters and 10 shots on score at a fig 14 target. The target is approximately 8 X11. After 1 min. for sighters, there will be (10) 3 sec. exposures in a row, at random times and locations within a ten minute period. At each exposure you will fire one shot (or more if capable). There is a minimum of 10 sec. between each exposure and the last exposure will be within the last 30 sec.
Target is scored V, 5, 4, 3. Hps. 50.10v

400 Yard Mover
This match consits of 2 sighters and 10 shots on score at a moving Fig.11/59 target. There will be 10 exposures in random order that will travel either right or left from the center of your target to the center of the target next to your position. Each exposure will be for 6 sec and the target will be moving upon exposure. Approximate target dimensions 18 X 44.
Target is scored V, 5, 4. Hps. 50.1 Ov

500 Yard Snap
This match entails 1 minute for 1 field expedient sighter and 10 shots on score at 1 fig. 11/59 (5 scoring shots) and 1 fig. 12 (5 scoring shots) these targets will be presented in random order and locations. The fig. 11/59 and 12 will be exposed for 3 sec. Approximate target dimensions Fig 11/59- 18 X 44 and Fig 12- 18 X 24 .Target is scored V, 5, 4. Hps. 50.lOv

600/700/800 Yard Deliberate
This match consists of 1 fig. 11/59 (18 X 44 ) held in a frame. There are 2 sighters and 10 shots on score for each of the shooters. There is a 25 min. time limit for both shooters (12.5 min. each suggested) to shoot their sighters and scoring shots. Target is scored V, 5, 4, Hps. 50.10v

All relays have 2 minute prep time. All scoring and target marking is done by competitors.

All ammo is supplied by competitors for practice and matches (approximately 70 rounds, but always bring extra)

The basic rifle rules are, any rifle any sights. Front rest as in sand bags are allowed. Only Bipods (any form of two legs), and rear bags are allowed (rear cannot be mechanical).  Trigger weight must be safe. Any legal rifle caliber is acceptable. All rifles and loads must be safe. You will sign a waiver that a certified gunsmith has deemed the gun safe. (No written proof is required) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFE USE OF YOUR FIREARM.

All commands regarding moving of firearms on and off the firing line will be by command of RSO (Range Safety Officer).

All firearms are to have breech flag in place or bolt out when not on the firing line and magazines fully removed.

It is imperative that you be on time. There will be a cut off time for registration (approximately 8:00) after that you run the risk of being turned away. DON’T BE LATE!!!!

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