Service Conditions is the basis on which the ORA was built. Since 1868 we have had close and co-operative links with the Canadian Forces, especially the army reserves (Militia) in Ontario.

From the .577 Snider-Enfield to the present generation of C7A2 rifles, the ORA contributes to their marksmanship training. Service Conditions is the conditions under which the match is conducted, basically the military style of shooting. We conduct the current rifle matches of the Canadian Forces Small Arms Concentration (CFSAC). These matches are fired at distances from 25 to 500 y/m. Gone are the days of shooting mats, spotting scopes and duffle bags of kit.

Today’s service competitor travels light, all kit is carried on the person. Chances are if you don’t have it on you, you don’t need it. You will find these matches very challenging and competitive, both physically and mentally

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