The “Sporting and Vintage” rifle events are just one of those days that are a must shoot.

These are very friendly shoots in which you can use almost any type of rifle and these shoots are particularly suited to the majority of sporting, hunting and older rifles; Lee Enfield, Winchester, Remington, Browning, Marlin, Garand and the suchlike. Almost any caliber is suitable from 22 Hornet to 8mm Remington Magnum or anything in between.

Any type of sights can be used including scopes, irons, battle sights etc. No specialist equipment is required, just you, your rifle, your ammunition and, of course, eye and hearing protection.

The course of fire is all at the shorter ranges, starting at 100 yards and moving back to 200 and 300 yards as the day progresses. We shoot from standing and prone positions. These shoots are very suitable for avid hunters to get some shooting in during the offseason. To make things interesting the targets may appear only for a few seconds, move or stay for “deliberate” shots.

Deliberate Fire  10 minutes to fire 10 shots.

Snap   10 exposures of about 4 seconds each.  Plenty of time between exposures to reload if you have a single shot rifle or if the magazine needs topping up.

Mover  The target will appear and walk about 20 feet.  One shot for each of the 10 exposures

‘Sporting and Vintage’ is an excellent opportunity to brush up your skills with your favorite rifle and is a good choice for the prospective or new member of the ORA. Why not bring along your hunting buddy for a good day of safe fun. You will need about 120 rounds of ammunition for a typical “Sporting and Vintage” day.

Meet at the range at 08.00 for check in. Expect to finish around 17.00.

Please Note:

Ensure that you have with you the proper original, Permits, Registrations and Licenses as required by the laws of the Government of Canada and Ontario. These laws are strictly enforced at ORA matches.

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