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How about joining the Swiss Rifle Club?

The Swiss Rifle Club Toronto (SRCT) was inaugurated in 1985 to provide Swiss expatriates the opportunity to practice this popular Swiss sport and tradition. It also gives every Swiss living abroad the possibility to shoot the annual “Obligatorisch” (Compulsory) program with a Swiss Army Rifle, shooting at an official Swiss target.

Our activities are very much supported by Switzerland through the Swiss Embassy and our Consulate in Toronto.

Here is an outline of our yearly activities. Generally there are 8 shooting events:

  • Obligatorisch and Feldschiessen
  • Einzelwettschiessen
  • Vancouver Match
  • Tony Koechli Schoot
  • Bundesfeier Match
  • Endschiessen

All events are shot with a K-31 “Karabiner”.

You are welcome to attend any of our events as a guest and find out how
much fun it can be. The shooting dates are posted on the events calendar on the Ontario Rifle association website.

If you can’t yodel any more, you can still aim at a target! There are many rewards

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