Can I participate as a guest at an ORA event?

Yes guests are welcome to participate in one ORA event per year before membership is required.  As a guest you would need to pay a Guest Fee of $35 in addition to the fee for the event, this guest fee can later be applied to the membership cost should you decided to join the ORA


If I become a member, can I shoot any time I want?

No.  Access to the range is restricted to specific days and times.  Ontario Rifle Association events are held outdoors on military shooting ranges at varying distances from 100 to 1000 yards.


Do I need to book a place at an Intro Day?

Yes, the number of Intro Day places is limited in order to maintain the very highest quality ‘initial experience’. Pre-book using the application form found on this website.


I have sent in an application to attend an Intro Day. What happens next?

Your application will be acknowledged and your place at an Intro Day confirmed if available. These specific instructions will tell you where to go, what to bring etc. If you do not receive this acknowledgement more than 5 days before the date you tried to book, send an email enquiry through this website.


What do I need to take with me when I attend an Intro Day?

Your Intro Day instructions will clarify what you need or can bring to an Intro Day. You may NOT bring any restricted firearms.


I completed an Intro Day and would like to go shooting again. How do I do this?

You can attend an ORA shooting date as a guest, or you could choose to apply for membership.


How can I find out when the next available shooting date is?

The dates and details of each shooting day can be found on the event calendar of this website.


How can I tell from the event calendar which event is suitable for me?

Look at the title of the shooting day. Details of all the different types of shooting available to you are on this website.  Many of the events have names which either describes the type of shooting involved (Precision, Service Rifle etc.). If the event name does not describe a type of shooting, it relates to TR and F class shooting.


Can I attend an ORA shooting date for only part of the day?

Not really. All ORA events and shooting days are planned for ‘whole day’ attendance. This is because we want to make the most efficient use of the limited time we can access military ranges.


Do I need to pre-book attendance at an ORA shooting day?

Mostly yes. To do so, send an email to the event organizer via this website.


I want to enter an ORA event. What do I have to do in advance?

For most events (competitions) you need to at the minimum register in advance with the organizer, preferably by email or through this website. Some events require advance payment of the event fee. The organizer will tell you.


I want to shoot F class. What rifle would be suitable?

Almost any centre-fire rifle up to the caliber limit allowed for the range. See the F Class page.


I want to shoot F class. Apart from a rifle, what equipment do I need to bring?

Ammunition, your PAL and registration certificate, hearing protection, pen and notepad, suitable clothing, something to lie on, non-alcoholic refreshment.


I want to attend an ORA Precision Rifle event. What do I need to know?

Refer to the Precision Rifle page.


I want to attend an ORA Precision Rifle event. What do I need to bring?

Refer to the Precision Rifle page. Typically you will need about 70 rounds of ammunition for a Precision Rifle day (which includes a few spare rounds).


Can I bring a guest along for a couple of hours during a shooting day?

Not really. It is mandated that everyone who shoots attend the morning safety briefing given by the Range Safety Officer before we start shooting, so any guest would need to be there at the start of the day. Leaving early, particularly without taking your turn at the Butts, is considered very bad form.  The guest would need to pay the Guest Fee of $35 per attendance in addition to any event fees.  Note that guests may only participate in one ORA event per year before needing to become a member.

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