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Come out and try an introduction to ORA sport shooting for new shooters and experienced rifles owners alike. Learn about the ORA’s variety of shooting disciplines and spend the afternoon on the range with world-class shooting coaches.

Contact the ORA Secretary for registration and available dates. 

In the morning an experienced, a world-class competitor will conduct a classroom session. 

Topics include rifle suitability for various applications, caliber considerations, bullet choices, wind and elevation calculations, accuracy variables, and the various shooting disciplines offered by the ORA.   The afternoon will be spent on the rifle range at 300 yards. Rifles, ammunition, and a coach are supplied.

Equipment needed

Eye protection is required, sunglasses are sufficient. Hearing protection is supplied for those who do not have their own.


Camp Borden, usually on the Amiens Range, confirmation made during registration.




Pre-registration with ORA Secretary is required.
2023 schedule: Upcoming Events › Intro Day › – Ontario Rifle Association.