What follows are a few sites representing organizations having similar interests or ambitions as the ORA. If you are interested in services of local businesses and other ORA supporters then please check our Commercial Links page.

The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association, the national body over the ORA for fullbore rifle shooting in Canada.

The Shooting Federation of Canada is a companion to the DCRA as the national body over most all other types of shooting.

Canadian Shooting Sports
The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (The OHA and the OSF combined into a more broadly scoped organization)

The NRA of Great Britain, home of Bisley

Quebec RA
Province of Quebec Rifle Association

The National Capital Region Rifle Association

The Nova Scotia Rifle Association

The British Columbia Rifle Association

The Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Association

U.S.A. Palma Team
The United States Palma Team

U.S.A. F-Class
The United States F-Class Team

TargetShooting Canada
Resources for the novice to intermediate shooter