Dear Members,
Please be advised that Registration for the 2024 Provincial Championships (Annual Matches) is now open on  If you have any issues registering, please email If you have any general inquiries about a match, please email
When you go on the Target Score website, sign up so that you can register for all ORA Events. But Sign Up is not mandatory to register for ORA events.
If you’re a new ORA member and have not received your ORA Membership Card yet, just use any number to register for now.  Registrants will be checked.
If you’re an existing ORA member, your membership number will not change from this year onwards and you can use the same number to register.
If you are already registered for TargetScore, Click on the following: ORA Annual Match Target Score Registration link
Once you register and payment has been received by EMT or credit card, you will be approved as a competitor.  You will receive an email approving your registration.
If you choose to pay by credit card, Use the following Stripe link to pay. Please make sure that you select the correct event under the Select Event dropdown:
If you choose to pay by EMT, please send payment to